Cracking the Hiring Code: A Team Building Masterclass

When: Tuesday, May 11

Time:  4:00 PM PDT/ 7:00 PM EDT


Duration: 90 minutes 

Where: [Zoom] You will receive a link once registration is complete

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Join us for a refreshing conversation around hiring and culture curation. It's 2021 and time to stop tolerating the frustration of poor performance, behavioral issues, and the discomfort of “people drama” by creating a solid people plan that fits your bespoke business.   

You will learn how to:  

1-  Attract your next high-performing team member 

2- Nourish your company culture   

3- Design comp plans that are a win-win for business & employee  

*Attendees will receive our 13 page 2021 Strategic Planning Guide for FREE*

"Kaeli has provided us with various tools to meet core business objectives that we established in our onboarding with the academy. Kaeli's sound guidance has been instrumental in a couple bold business decisions we've made within our growing process this last year. We've been grateful to have her as a sounding board and qualified outside perspective. When we work together, I know we're going to accomplish several objectives in a short period of time! Working through priority projects with Kaeli always results in such a sense of accomplishment for me!"

Victoria Marcell, AZ

Practice Manager  

“Since working with Kaeli in her Academy I’ve made a powerful mindset shift around doing what's best for me and my practice. Working directly with Kaeli on my business while having the opportunity to listen and learn from the questions of the other participants has been a great benefit for my team as a whole. I’ve been able to keep my business open and work with Kaeli on a multiple 7 figure growth plan- even during turbulent times.”

Josh Waltzman, CA

MD & Owner

“The investment we made working with Kaeli made an immeasurable impact on our business’s bottom line. I reached out to Kaeli as we were finding it increasingly difficult to stand out in a very saturated aesthetic marketplace. Kaeli helped us through the process of uncovering our unique brand and designing a growth system to gain exposure to new patients while strengthening loyalty and upsells with existing patients. I highly recommend working with Kaeli if you are looking to fast track your practice growth.”

Chelsie Di Paola, CA

Practice Director

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