The Business Growth Certification Program
for In-Demand Aesthetic Injectors

Aesthetic Injectables show no sign of slowing! 

According to the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank Statistics:

* The Aesthetic industry generated over $9 Billion in revenue in 2020.   

* Non-Surgical procedures accounted for a whopping: $3,131,756,813.00  

Top Non-Surgical Procedures:  

1- Neurotoxins

2- Dermal Fillers

What does that mean for aesthetic injectors?  

Pros- Demand is surging

Cons- More and more providers are jumping into the injectable game

Opportunity- Expand your established, distinct brand  

ChallengeSkilled injectors are in high demand but find it increasingly difficult to service that demand at scale 

The goal of this podcast is to address one of the most critical roadblocks we face with our 7-figure injectors:

How to scale their genius work. 

Let’s begin by discussing growth versus scale:

Growth: "A quantitative increase in size"

Scale: “A quantitative increase in size that does not require more resources”

Now it’s time to achieve the seemingly Impossible Goal:

 “How do I convince somebody who is loyal to me, get treated by someone else?”  

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Week 1

Unearth your million dollar confidence

Week 2

Set bossed-up boundaries

Week 3

Develop a proprietary method 

Week 4

Market your unique (disruptive) philosophy

Week 5

Clone Yourself (& Scale Your Systems)


Live certification workshop for the first 25 registrants

Design a business model that will scale with you at the helm!

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